Enter, Alice and Ellie!

Hi everyone! And welcome to our first post!
So, as you know, this is our website and we hope you enjoy our posts, we worked hard and please have fun doing them! Most of them are for you to follow at home, although you can do them at any time, or not do them at all. These posts will be up for a long time, so don’t rush yourself. This website is for happiness , so we can make our own happy little corner of the internet. Please bear in mind that this is a website for all ages, so please don’t post inappropriate comments. We would love to hear your feedback on our posts and videos, though please try to be as nice as possible. We have made this blog to help people through lockdown and homeschool , so if you want to post what your up to on your comments, that would be cool!
love and more, Alice & Ellie xxx


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