Work hard, laugh hard!

hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog!

So, today we will be talking about working hard, and studying hard! What is it about studying all day, and then finishing that last piece of work, and then feeling like a boss? If its just us, then we apologise! Though, in all seriousness, it is really important that you did your level best. Hon, i learnt from experience! It may be hard not going back to school,(and having your kids home to all those parents who are reading this!) but, things will get better! Trust e on this one, times will change.

Whether you are really missing that coffee shop down the road from here, or going to your weekly yoga classes, take the time to study. It is (again!) really important you get all the work done,, so you can have that stress free weekend! A few things to bear in mind are, that you are doing your best, and that is always good enough. Don’t let anyone push you around! If someone is standing in the way of your goals, ease them away. It’s always better to follow your heart, because that is what will help you in life. Stay positive. There is always someone who got your back. You can always tell us whats up i the comments below. We will do our best to help you achieve happiness. Talk to a parent, Carer, friend, or a family member to talk things through. You are not alone.

We hope you enjoyed todays blog! Love, Alice and ellie! Xxx

We will be posting a very special blog on Monday the 1st of march 2021! See u there!


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