Long time, no see!

Hi everyone! How are y’all doing?
we have not posted for ages! Which is weird, because it’s the holidays! Like the best 2 weeks of my life, soon to be gone! Good bye, sweet holidays! Hello, maths! Hey, tell u what, tell us what you’ve been up to over the hols in the comments! We’d love to know!

hey, how about a challenge? I’m the comments, every day for the rest of the week, type a different, but weird, fact? About anything you want! We will then pick the one with the most interesting facts, and give them a shout out, so get cracking! By the way, the facts don’t all need to be on the same subject, so just type whatever you want!

Anyway, enough on that, let’s get on! So, we are so glad it’s not lockdown now! Did you hear, well, over where we are anyway, the restrictions have been lifted considerably, so things like hairdressers and nail places have opened! Yay! #cantwaittogothere!

Anyway, see y’all soon! Love and more, Alice and Ellie! xxx


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