Hi everyone! Welcome back to another blog post!

So, today we reached w0 followers, which we are very excited about. Reaching the 20 mark, we will be publishing a new page on the blog. Put in some ideas in the comments?

Anyway, we made up a few relatable (hopefully! Or maybe it’s just us!) scenarios. Tell us if they are relatable down in the comments!

Scenario 1: the homework agony.

You: gets home from college/school/work. Gets changed into your favourite pair of pj’s, grabs your laptop/iPad/phone, and hops into bed. You go on your favourite Netflix show, and get ready to dive into the new series!

Parent/roomie: excuse me? You promised me you’d do your schoolwork before laptop/phone/iPad!

You: (groans and shuffles out of bed reluctantly) but it’s Saturday!

Parent/roomie: oh no you don’t! Get that work done!

You: sighs and gets on with work.

We hope you liked it! Love and more, Alice and Ellie! xxx


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