Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog!
so, I guess you know what this is about… pizza! Lovely, crusty, cheesy pizza! Well, it isn’t all about pizza. There’s a twist. Don’t get me wrong, I love/adore normal pizza! But, what if we made our own pizza, a twist on the classic… we want you guys, (yes you, sat at home on ur phone! ) to make a pizza like no other! Here’s a few ideas…

  • Chocolate movie pizza: chocolate spread as the base, and chocolate drops and popcorn as a topping
  • strawberry and cream pizza: puréed strawberries as a base, and cream as the cheese
  • mix and match: divide your pizza into the slices for the people your serving, and add a whole loada’ spreads and toppings in bowls!

hope you enjoy!
alice and Ellie xxx

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