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Lockdown feeling

L = low

O = overwhelmed

C = can’t do a lot

K = knowing that I can’t see family

D = don’t be mean

O = oh hi you still here

W = wow you are amazing

N = now we can make others happy

F = for you

E = every smile counts

E = everyone is special in their own ways

L = let’s be positive

I = I don’t like mean words

N = now we need to be kind

G = go and like this blog

S = subscribe

love and more Alice and Ellie! xxx

Challenge yourself

One of this weeks challenges are based on fitness.We have made a game called FIT MY NAME.

HOW TO PLAY? This game is very simple so my name is ELLIE and the first letter in my name is E and I will have to find an E in the list down below.When I do there will be a note next to it that maybe said something like 10 star jumps.Then I will do 10 star jumps and find the next letter in my name and do the same. So that is what you need to do but with your name instead.

A = 5 star jumps. B = 5 push ups. C = 5 seconds in plank

D = 5 seconds holding left leg . E = 5 seconds holding right leg. F = 5 seconds child pose

G = 10 star jumps. H = 10 push ups. I = 10 seconds in plank

J = 10 seconds holding left leg. K = 10 seconds holding right leg. L = 10 seconds child pose

M = 15 star jumps. N = 15 push ups. O = 15 seconds in plank

P = 15 seconds holding left leg. Q = 15 seconds holding right leg. R = 15 seconds child pose

S = 20 star jumps. T = 20 push ups. U = 20 seconds in plank

V = 20 seconds holding left leg. W = 20 seconds holding right leg. X = 20 seconds child pose

Y = 25 star jumps. Z = 25 push ups

Hope you enjoy doing our fun activities set out for you love and more ALICE and ELLIE XXXXXX