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Another way to help the environment! Save the animals! Find out how!

1. make little bird houses

2.make bird food holders

3.make bird food coconuts

how to make them:

1.bird houses.
go to the woods and collect up to 50 long , strong sticks. Then glue them all together to make a little house , if you wanted you could carve out some hearts or any decorations.

2.bird food holders.
To make the holder you need to get either a big or small empty milk carton and cut out the bottom quarter . Then find a thick , strong , wooden pole that’s not to high that little children can’t get it . Nail the bottom of the carton onto the wooden pole and find a nice place in the nature to stand it .

3.bird food coconuts.
get a coconut shell that’s empty , then pour in some milk , put a lot of seeds in it and mix it all together and let it freeze a bit and then put it in the fridge to set for a few days.

love and more Ellie and Alice xxx

Join GGL to help the environment 🌺🍁🌏🍏

GGL stands for Go Green Local. What we do is help the environment.

Climate change can also effect humans because the person who has left their rubbish on the floor, could have had any type of illness that can spread. So,if you do happen to do litter picking, please wear gloves and maybe a mask to keep you safe while doing something good. Always remember to (if you are a child,) ask an adult to help with picking up sharp objects such as broken glass and plastic,If you are interested in helping us, you can do this in your area or anywhere that you can because this could help you and others . I hope we have persuaded you !

thank you 😊

Alice and Ellie xxx