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Hello everyone, it’s Alice

Hi! Today I’ve come to tell you about my new website. It’s called 2022 online, and the site address is Please visit it and subscribe as I will be posting more often on there than I do here. Bye!

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Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! so, I guess you know what this is about… pizza! Lovely, crusty, cheesy pizza! Well, it isn’t all about pizza. There’s a twist. Don’t get me wrong, I love/adore normal pizza! But, what if we made our own pizza, a twist on the classic… we want you guys,…

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Omg, it’s been forever!

Hey guys! It’s been forever since we wrote! We’re sorry! So, it’s Alice writing. Hi. I am currently sat in the car, eating raisins, and listening to some tunes by MNEK. If ur asking, why aren’t you in school? It’s because me and ellie are of now. I’m actually with mum, (shout out to mum!)…

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