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The cup song!

Hey guys, today we are going to teach you how to do the cup song!

  1. You will need a cup. Place the cup upside down, and clap twice.
  2. Now, tap on the table with one hand and again with the other. Repeat once.
  3. Clap again, and pick the cup up, and put it down again.
  4. Clap again, put the front of the cup to your hand, tap the bottom of the cup on the table, and onto your hand.
  5. Holding the cup by the bottom, put the free hand down, and place the cup down.
  6. If playing with friends, pass the cup along, and accept your new one!

We hope you enjoyed this blog! Be sure to check out videos on YouTube to see tutorials!

Love and more, Alice and Ellie! xxx



Hi everyone! Welcome back to another blog post!

So, today we reached w0 followers, which we are very excited about. Reaching the 20 mark, we will be publishing a new page on the blog. Put in some ideas in the comments?

Anyway, we made up a few relatable (hopefully! Or maybe it’s just us!) scenarios. Tell us if they are relatable down in the comments!

Scenario 1: the homework agony.

You: gets home from college/school/work. Gets changed into your favourite pair of pj’s, grabs your laptop/iPad/phone, and hops into bed. You go on your favourite Netflix show, and get ready to dive into the new series!

Parent/roomie: excuse me? You promised me you’d do your schoolwork before laptop/phone/iPad!

You: (groans and shuffles out of bed reluctantly) but it’s Saturday!

Parent/roomie: oh no you don’t! Get that work done!

You: sighs and gets on with work.

We hope you liked it! Love and more, Alice and Ellie! xxx

Lockdown feeling

L = low

O = overwhelmed

C = can’t do a lot

K = knowing that I can’t see family

D = don’t be mean

O = oh hi you still here

W = wow you are amazing

N = now we can make others happy

F = for you

E = every smile counts

E = everyone is special in their own ways

L = let’s be positive

I = I don’t like mean words

N = now we need to be kind

G = go and like this blog

S = subscribe

love and more Alice and Ellie! xxx